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 Judy Garland-Robert Kennedy and NARA

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PostSubject: Judy Garland-Robert Kennedy and NARA   Judy Garland-Robert Kennedy and NARA Icon_minitimeTue Jan 22, 2008 3:02 am

Hi all....

Now what I know about Hollywood is only a bit, so this may be old hat, but cruising NARA last night I ran across a series of telegrams from the Robert Kennedy family to Judy Garland. Facinating, because according to Wikipedia, 1964 was not good for Judy. Link to NARA follows or I've also got it on my blog. But here's the question: Why? Evidently, the Kennedys loved to throw parties and in doing so, became close to Judy? Does anybody know anything about this? I would love to know details or links.

I've found the wikipedia article which states:

"...Robert and Ethel held many get-togethers at their home. Whether it was a pool party or a formal dinner party, the guest list was impressive and eclectic. Journalist Roger Mudd remembers meeting John Lennon at one such party. Other notable invitees included the Secretary of the Interior Stewart Udall, entertainer Judy Garland, dancer Rudolf Nureyev and historian Arthur Schlesinger, who found himself thrown into the pool fully clothed where Ethel was also already swimming fully clothed. [4]...."

Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethel_Skakel_Kennedy

Maybe it's nothing, but these little curiousities of history are facinating. NARA is good also, but probably only because I'm a librarian. Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

NARA Link:


Search for "Judy Garland Robert Kennedy"

Have fun! There's more in there, including hits on Bob Hope and Bing Crosby!

Updated often and always fresh, I try to post cool retro and vintage history stuff on my blog that you might like. Check it out below:

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PostSubject: Re: Judy Garland-Robert Kennedy and NARA   Judy Garland-Robert Kennedy and NARA Icon_minitimeTue Jan 22, 2008 12:55 pm

The Kennedys have always had a lot of friends from the world of Hollywood/Entertainment. (perhaps most famously Frank Sinatra, who supposedly helped JFK win the election by rustling up votes via his, ahem, "connections." Well, and Marilyn, but...that's different. I'm talking about Hollywood types in a chummy way.) JFK and RFK were particularly fond of Judy, and even did what they could (sadly, with little results) to help her as her health spiraled. I remember reading somewhere that they even went so far ask her to move in with them, when she was really down-and-out, they were all so fond of her.

Keep in mind that also, Pat Kennedy (one of JFK and RFK's sisters) was married to Peter Lawford, who made several films with Judy, and they were longtime good friends. (I believe the first film they made together was "Girl Crazy" in 1943, although perhaps their most memorable joint performance was "Easter Parade" (1948), also starring Fred Astaire (trivia: the role was meant to go to Gene Kelly -- who also made several films with Judy, and they were good friends, as well -- but Gene injured himself as filming was supposed to begin, and had to pull out.) Ann Miller also turned in a good performance in the film. The score is by Irving Berlin.

*Ironic note and Gene & Judy: Gene's first picture (previously, his experience had been on the stage, before he was signed by MGM, Judy's home studio.) was "For Me and My Gal" (1942). He often spoke about how nervous he was, and he wouldn't have made it through without Judy. Judy's last completed film for Metro was "Summer Stock" (1950). She was going through a particularly bad patch at the time, and L.B. Mayer asked Gene do do the picture (even though he didn't want to) as a special favor, to help Judy get through it. Which he did splendidly, although Judy was fired shortly thereafter, just as filming of "Annie Get Your Gun" began. (She was replaced with Betty Hutton.) She only made four more films between 1961 and 1963 (and had her own television variety show and a concert or two), before her death in 1969.

Anyway, right up to the end, the Kennedys supported her, when few others did.
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Judy Garland-Robert Kennedy and NARA
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