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 Easy Kipper Pate aka Spread aka Fish Paste

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PostSubject: Easy Kipper Pate aka Spread aka Fish Paste   Tue Jan 15, 2008 11:58 am

1 tin Kippers
1 stick butter, slightly softened.
1 very large dash of lemon juice (to taste)
dash cayenne pepper (to taste)

(may be doubled, if necessary)

Put everything in the Cuisinart, and whip until thoroughly mixed and slightly fluffy.

Turn into serving or storage dish

Serve on toast points or Carr's Water crackers as a savory snack, with afternoon tea, or, if you're feeling British, and can deal with fish for breakfast, spread on toast, English Muffins, or bagels.

Store in refrigerator, covered. Let soften before use, so it's easily speadable.
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Easy Kipper Pate aka Spread aka Fish Paste
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