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 new trousers

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PostSubject: new trousers   new trousers Icon_minitimeMon Feb 18, 2008 11:09 am

I finally finished www.vintagefashionlibrary.com's 1940's trousers. This pattern took alot of tweaking to make work. In the end, I took out 2 inches from the crotch depth and would take out another 1/2in on the next pair. While marked as a size 28waist (I have a 31 waist), these pants barely fit me and when I lose another few pounds, they will be falling off. My guess is they would fit great on a 32 waist, but make a muslin, as always. It could just be my figure. I decided to do a back zip, instead of the side buttons. I just couldn't figure out how the side buttons worked with the pocket, not to mention that I find zips easier to do than buttons. I also needed to add another dart to each of the back pieces and take in the waist band. The pockets are very small, almost non-function. My car keys barely fit in them. So far, the only person who has liked them was my mom. The biggest problem I have with them is what to wear on top. Anything longer than the sweater in the pic, and I look HUGE. I can't tuck in a blouse because the high waist and my large bust combine to make me look very squat. Right now, the sweater in the pic is the only thing that works with these pants.

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new trousers
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